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About AGVP Advisory

Dan Aschenbach, Principal

Dan Aschenbach, Principal consulting  partner

Before starting AGVP Advisory in 2019, Dan was Senior Vice President and credit officer at Moody’s Investors Service. At AGVP Advisory, Dan provides financial consulting to Peninsula Clean Energy  in California and The Energy Authority in Florida.  

Dan was elected to the Board of Governors of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts in 2020.  

At Moody's Dan had led the firm’s Public Power Electric Utility and CCA Ratings team with a portfolio of $120 billion.  Dan served as a Rating Committee Chairman for 29 years.   Awarded the top industry analyst award for Power for 15 years, Dan rated almost every US public power electric utility in North America for Moody's and was involved in several major industry challenges including: Washington Public Power Supply System nuclear project default; establishment of the reserve requirement for California Department of Water Resources during the Energy Crisis; the Midwest public power climate change response with Prairie State coal-fired generation; evaluated the new nuclear construction of first-of-a- kind reactors in the southeast; assigned first California Community Choice Aggregators credit rating. Participated in evaluation of financings of solar, wind, gas, coal, geothermal, nuclear and bio mass facilities.  

Prior to Moody’s Dan worked for US Congressman Tim Lee Carter and US Congresswoman Helen Meyner.

Dan served on Cranford, New Jersey’s governing board for 18 years including 4 terms as Mayor. As an elected official Dan was Finance Commissioner for nine terms and served on both the planning and zoning boards for many years. 

Dan received his Bachelor of Arts degree in American Civilization and History at Boston University. Dan earned his Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Rutgers University with a specialty in Urban Affairs. Continuing education has always been important for Dan and he completed 48 credits towards his PhD at New York University School of Public Administration. Earned a certificate in Legislative Affairs at George Washington University. Dan completed the Leadership for the 21st Century at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. 

Dan resides in Cranford New Jersey with wife Eileen. After raising six wonderful children, they now have four grandchildren.