AGVP Advisory: public finance consulting and clean energy investment

  Sound opinions, experience and research to help

resolve financial, infrastructure and strategic challenges.

What We Do



                                       * Public finance, infrastructure and electric utility consulting

                Range of consulting services from budget and infrastructure planning to governing financial policies and utility risk management

                * Financial review of strengths and weaknesses

Evaluation of local government and public enterprise financial strengths and weaknesses 

          * Representation, federal lobby, advocacy 

                        East Coast Clean Energy lobby to work on your behalf                   

* Reliable clean energy investment 

    Focus is on expanding US reliable clean energy investment opportunities 


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AGVP Expertise


 Evaluation of the strengths and challenges of public enterprises and work on reliable clean energy investment  opportunities.  AGVP  thrives on sharing  experience and knowledge to help you make a success of your business. Clear communication and  collaboration will be the main approach to serving your needs. 

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